Information is the data that has been processed into a form that is meaningful to the recipient and useful in making a decision. Information can be obtained from the information system or is named also the processing system or information processing system or informatioan generating system. According to Leitch and Davis (1983: 6) Information system is a system within an organization that brings the needs of daily transaction processing, support the operation, managerial and strategic activities of an organization and provide certain outside parties with the necessary reports.

Analysis and Design of Information Systems
Information systems discussed now is a computer-based information system is a system of human or machine integrated and mutually provide information, to support operations management, analysis and decision-making functions within an organization. In designing the necessary information system analyzes the problems that mature so as to provide optimal results.

Basic Concepts Analysis System
According Wahyono (2004: 58) Analysis of the system is the decomposition of a complete information system into subsystems section with a view to identify what and evaluate the problems, opportunities, and obstacles that occur as well as the expected demand so that it can be proposed improvement. The steps for analyzing a system are:
  • identify problems
  • understand the working of the existing system
  • analyzing system
  • report the results of the analysis