Decision Making

Definition of Decision
According to James A.F. Stoner, the decision is the selection among alternatives. This definition contains three terms, namely (Tata Sutabri, 2003):
a. There is a choice on the basis of logic or consideration.
b. There are several alternatives to choose the one that best.
c. There are goals to be achieved and the decision was getting closer to that goal.

Another understanding of the decision proposed by Prajudi Atmosudirjo that decision is a termination rather than the process of thinking about a problem with settled on an alternative.
From the definition of the decision can be obtained understanding, that decision is a problem-solving as a legal situation that is done through the selection of one alternative from several alternatives.
Definition of Decision-Making
According to George R. Terry decision is the selection of alternative specific behavior of two or more alternatives. According Sondra P. Siagian decision making is a systematic approach to the alternative nature and take action according to the calculations of the fastest action. Then, according to James AF Stoner decision-making is the process used to select an action as a way of solving the problem.
Based on the above understanding can be concluded that decision-making is a process of selecting the best alternative, from several alternatives systematically to follow-up (used) as a way of solving the problem.