The decision is the selection of some of the existing alternative measures to achieve one or several objectives that have been applied (Turban, 2005). Basically decision-making is a form of election of the various alternative actions that may be selected, which is the process through specific mechanisms in the hope of generating a decision best (Simon, 1980).

Troubleshooting is a form of activists which individuals or organizations in achieving the desired objectives have to make a selection of several alternative measures to achieve these objectives (Gass, 1985). With alternative problem solving is done by decision makers.

The decision is an individual who is not satisfied with the existing situation or the outlook for the upcoming situation and who has the authority to take the initiative in taking steps to address the situation (Kuswardani, 2006).

Decision Making Process
Decision-making involves four stages that are interconnected and sequential (Simon, 1980). The four processes are:
  1. Intelligence
    This stage is the process of tracking and detection of the scope of the problems and the process of recognition of the problem. Data input is obtained, processed, and tested in order to identify problems.
  2. Design
    This stage is the process of discovering, developing, and analyzing alternative actions that can be performed. This stage includes the process for mengertimasalah, lowering the solution, and test the feasibility of the solution.
  3. Choice
    At this stage, the process of selecting among various alternative measures that may be implemented. This phase includes the search, evaluation, and recommendation solutions corresponding to the model that has been created. The solution of the model is a specific value for the variable results of the selected alternative.
  4. Implementation
    Implementation stage is the stage of implementation of the decisions taken. At this stage it is necessary to draw up serangkian planned action, so that the decision can be monitored and adjusted as needed repair.