Is how a database is created through certain stages, starting from the investigation of the problem until the implementation stage.
In general there are two phases of the database design process, namely:
  1. logic design database
  2. physical design database
The design logic database
Is the process of defining the entities and relationships of the real world that are designed, based on the information and data processing needs of the organization concerned.
  • Entity is a set of objects that can be identified and distinguished in the user environment.
  • Relations are the relations between group entities.
  • Target of logic design database is generated data model flexibility and efficiency of its implementation in the computer.
Physical design of the database
A process to implement the logic design results in a physical computer that relies on software DBMS (Database Management Software) is selected. The process to be performed:
  • Determine the structure for each table, including field names, types, and the width of the key field.
  • Specifies the database name and the name of each table, as well as the storage location (drive, directory / folder).
  • Calculate the approximate place (space) required for the whole table and for the entire index.
  • Implementation using the DBMS software.