Computer game is a game played on a computer.

Types of Games
A game has a few elements that make up the game, such as the type of game, in-game characters, elements of sound and movement.

Games that can be installed on the computer or PC is classified into several types, namely:
  1. Side scrolling game. In this type of game characters can move sideways movement followed by background.
  2. Shooting game. There are several kinds of shooting games, including the first-person shooting and third person shooting. Basically the game is the same, namely the enemy shooting game.
  3. Role playing games (RPG) are games played the role of a character in a certain mission.
  4. Real time strategy. In this type of game players ordered some character to perform a certain action.
  5. Simulation. This game is a simulation of the real situation.
  6. Racing is about race, cars or motorcycle.
  7. Fighting. In the fighting game players play one or more characters to fight with other characters.
Computer games are very enjoyable. However, it would be fun again if successfully made the game and then see other people play it. Creating games is not easy. Some commercial games ever played, for example, created and developed by many people with high programming skills and made with relatively large costs (Wandah Wibawanto, 2006: 8).