Terms of technology and information systems can be used informally, without defining the term. The application of information systems in principle more complicated, it can be well understood by looking at the perspective of technology that are within an organization (Kenneth, 2008).
Definition of Information Systems
There is a wide range of Information Systems sense according to some experts, including:
  1. Information system is a set of components that are interconnected, collect or acquire, process, store and distribute information to support decision making and control in an organization and assist managers in making decisions (Kenneth, 2008).
  2. Understanding of the information system according to the Student Community Information System in Yogyakarta (Komunitas Mahasiswa Sistem Informasi di Yogyakarta KAMII, 2008) explained that the Information System is a computer application that is used to support the operation of an organization as well as an arrangement of people, data and processes that occur in them which interact with each other in supporting and improving the organization and support in problem solving and decision-makers' needs.
Component Information System
John Burch and Gary Grudnitski (Jogiyanto, 2005) suggests that information systems consist of components which are known as the building blocks. As a system, the building blocks of each interact with each other to form a single unit to achieve its goals. The building blocks consist of (Jogiyanto, 2005):
  1. Input Block
    Represents the input data into the information system. Input here including methods and media to capture data to be included, which can be either basic documents.
  2. Model Block
    This block consists of a combination of procedures, logic and mathematical models which will manipulate the input data and the data stored in the database in a way that is certain to produce the desired output.
  3. Output Block
    The products of the system information is output which is quality information and useful documentation for all levels of management and all users of the system.
  4. Technology Block
    Technology is used to receive input, run the model, store and access data, generate and transmit output and help control of the overall system. Consists of three main parts, namely technician (humanware or brain ware), software and hardware.
  5. Database Block
    Database is a collection of data related to each other, are stored in the computer hardware and software used to manipulate it. The database is accessed or manipulated by using a software package called DBMS (Database Management Systems).
  6. Block Controls
    Some controls need to be designed and implemented to ensure that the things that can damage the system can be prevented or if already occurred errors can be quickly addressed directly.