Structured Query Language (SQL)
Database applications have become an integral part of almost all human life. Without the database, many things that we do will be very tedious or even impossible at all. Banks, universities, and libraries are three examples of organizations that depend completely on the database. In the Internet world, the application of search engines, online shopping, and even the system of naming a website known as DNS would be impossible without the support database. Monotonous website will be left by visitors. A database implemented and displayed on a computer is usually known as the Database Server.

Understanding MySQL
  1. MySQL is a database management system.
    The database is a collection of data. To add, access, process all the data on databaseserver, you need a management such as MySQL.
  2. MySQL is a database management structure.
    MySQL database stores all the data in the tables are different and do not accumulate in a very large deviation space. This will increase the speed and flexibility. Each table will be interconnected according desired data users
  3. MySQL is an open source software.
    Open Source means that everyone is free to use and modify. We can download MySQL from the Internet and use without paying anything. MySQL uses the GPL (GNU General Public License) to explain to you what you can and can not do to the software in different situations.

As the MySQL Database Server ExcellenceAs already explained that MySQL is open source, free, downloadable, so it has become one of the advantages compared to other SQL Server MySQL. And there are other advantages, namely:
  1. Able to accommodate the number of users who are very much at the same time.
  2. Capacity is very large record of more than 50,000,000.
  3. Command execution time is very fast, probably the fastest in the market database server.
  4. Easy installation and management.
  5. Can run on many different platforms (FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X Server, Alpha-DEC-Unix, NetBSD, OS / 2, Solaris and Windows).
  6. The server can menampilakan error message in many languages ​​to the user.
  7. The system is very fast memory allocation.