PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a language such as Perl or Python intrepeter, not a compiler language such as C or Java. It is therefore very suitable for the PHP web programming because the execution is relatively fast, easy to understand language structure, and debugging faster. These capabilities are very useful, especially for web programming that requires a quick, easy to make and easy to develop. PHP also provides hundreds of built-in function that is ready to be used with a variety of functions such as the function of array processing, database connection, string processing, file system, session, and so on. This further allows the programmer to create a web application that fast. History of PHP, originally PHP stands for Personal Home Page (personal site) and PHP itself was first created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 and at that time PHP was named FI (Form Interpreter) which is realized as a set of scripts that are used to process form data from the web. And then Rasmus released the source code to the public and named PHP.

Concept PHP
The concept or the workings of PHP is similar to the concept of HTML work that originated from a client that calls based URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) via a browser, then the browser gets the address of the web server, which will provide all the necessary information a web browser. Web browsers have got information immediately perform the translation process HTML code and display it to the user screen. Differences PHP with HTML that is in PHP required special translation for PHP code that will be translated by the PHP engine to HTML code first before translating the browser to display the user's screen.