JavaScript is a functional programming language that runs on the client and implemented as part of a web browser interface in order to provide interactive web pages and dynamic (Wikipedia, nd). This language is a programming language to provide additional capabilities to the HTML language to allow the execution of commands on the user side, which means in the browser instead of on the side of the web server.

JavaScript is dependent on the browser (navigator) that calls a web page that contains the scripts of JavaScript and certainly tucked inside an HTML document. JavaScript also does not require special compiler or interpreter to run (in fact JavaScript compiler itself is included in the browser). As with the language "Java" which requires special compiler to translate it on the user or client.

Examples of scripts which indicates that the script is a script of JavaScript are as follows:

<SCRIPT language = "Javascript">

put your script here </SCRIPT>

History JavaScript
JavaScript was first introduced by Netscape in 1995. At first language is called "LiveScript" which serves as a simple language for Netscape Navigator 2. At that time the language is widely criticized for lack of safe, its development were impressed rush rush and no message errors in the show every time we make a mistake when putting together a program. Then, in line with being jealous of cooperation between Netscape and Sun (developer of the programming language "Java") at that time, then Netscape gave the name "JavaScript" to the language on the 4th of December 1995. At the same time, Microsoft's own attempt to adapt this technology they refer to as "JScript" in the browser Internet Explorer 3.